IJCSEE Vol 3 Issue 3 (2015) ISSN 2320-401X (Printed Version) ISSN 2320-4028 (Online Version)

    Sr. no.Title & author(s) namePage no.
    1Cross Layer Techniques for Mobility Management in Wireless Mesh Networks: A Survey

    Chaya Devi R, and T G Basavaraju

    2Energy Efficient Cross Layer Design Protocols using Distributed Method of Information sharing in Wireless Sensor Networks- A review

    Prathibhavani P M, and T G Basavaraju

    3Optimized Hardware Realization of Multiplication Based on Vedic Mathematics Using CBIC

    Nouh Asiri, Shuja A. Abbasi, and Abdulrahman M. Alamoud

    4The Effect of Globalization on Silk Weaver using Fuzzy Models

    Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, and Anita pal

    5Some Results on Interval-Valued Fuzzy Graphs

    Madhumangal Pal, Sovan Samanta, and Hossein Rashmanlou

    6An Efficient Learning Scheme for Extreme Learning Machine and Its Application
    Kheon-Hee Lee, Miso Jang, Keun Park , Dong-Chul Park, Yong-Mu Jeong and Soo-Young Min
    7A Review of Network Survivability in Optical Networks

    Neeraj Mohan, and Gauravpreet Singh

    8Measurement of Noise Level Coming from Electric Generators in Karbala University

    Asst Pro Mr Zuhair Abd AlWahab Al-Jwahery

    9Review of Supercapacitor Technology

    Abdeladim Moftah and Ashraf Al Shetiti

    10Effect of Using Games in Computer Programming on Flowchart Learning and Retention for Undergraduate Student

    Bunthida Chunngam

    11A Study on Designing Security Curriculum Taxonomy for Future Environment

    Hyojik Lee, and Hangbae Chang

    12Self-Esteem Effects for Industrial Security

    Onechul Na, Soyoung Sung, and Hangbae Chang

    13A Study of Industrial Security Competency Assessment Framework for Small and Medium Business on Internet of Things Environment

    Sangho Park, Yongkyung Song, and Jinho Yoo

    14A Discussion for Recognition about Big-data and Shared Personal Information- Focusing on the twenties as a main user of SNS �

    Junyong Jeon, and Jinho Yoo

    15A Study on Necessity to Introduce PLA(Privacy Level Agreement) for Cloud Services : Korean cases

    Woo Young Kim,Hyun ju Lee,Min Hyeok Lee, and Ji Yeon YOO

    16A Study on Difference of Tendency between NFC based mobile Payment Service Users and Non-Users

    Yoojin Chae, and Jinho Yoo

    17Mobile Robot Path Planning in Static Environments using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Muhammad Shahab Alam, Muhammad Usman Rafique, and Muhammad Umer Khan

    18Factors affecting the reliability of the price of Palm Oil in Thailand

    Kittichai. Athikulrat, Vichai Rungreunganun, and Sompoap Talabgaew

    19Software Fault Prediction using Hybrid K-Means-Feed Forward Neural Network

    Shyna Kakkar, Amanpreet Singh Dhanoa